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Sean Stanley, founder of EcoTwist

EcoTwist Clean’s story begins not as most would expect. In September 2018, Founder Sean Stanley, found himself captivated by an audiobook – The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale – that would forever change the trajectory of his life. Widely recognized as one of the greatest motivational books of all time, the audiobook explains that goal-oriented individuals succeed more frequently because they know where they’re going, rather than those who proceed without a plan. That revelation, paired with Sean’s own belief that people will always matter more than anything else, shaped what would soon become EcoTwist Clean.

Sean was no stranger to laundry detergent. Prior to developing EcoTwist, he served as Category Manager for Harris Teeter for 25+ years, with much of that time focused on the laundry detergent space for the well-known retailer. Sean recognized – thanks to his numerous years of experience in the industry - that many brands offered products without all the harmful chemicals, but they didn’t actually clean the clothes. Sean set out to change that. He developed a laundry detergent that not only cleans and gets rid of nasty odors, but does so without all of the toxic ingredients.

His proprietary formula for an eco-friendly, yet effective (what we like to call “EcoFective”) laundry detergent did what no other product had done before: introduced innovation to the clothes washing process. While most detergents mask odors rather than actually removing them, EcoTwist’s Odor Release Technology completely releases and removes the odor-causing bacteria from the fabric so clothes actually get clean.

Sean didn’t stop there, though. Building on the goals he established after listening to that well-renowned audiobook, he also developed a propriety formula for how he runs his business. Under Sean’s leadership, EcoTwist Clean places an intentional focus on people, not profits. “People were my motivation to start EcoTwist Clean,” Sean said. “To me, the center of every business is the people behind it. At EcoTwist Clean, we embrace our team members, help them, encourage them, and reward them. We challenge and push people to grow professionally and we empower them to grow mentally.”

Keeping people at the forefront, EcoTwist Clean also strives to support the local community through charitable giving. Sean vows to allocate money to help those in need. It only makes sense, after all, when according to him, “our bottom line is people.”


Sean and the EcoTwist Clean team at the ALS Walk in Charlotte, NC.

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