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We are doing our part to make EcoTwist even more sustainable and eco-friendly!

Introducing EcoBox—a new recyclable and sustainable container for our detergent.  

Our standard bottle uses 125g per bottle, whereas our new EcoBox will only use 35g per bottle—that’s 72% less plastic! Instead of plastic, our new EcoBox is primarily made from a compostable and recyclable cardboard box. This innovative design is also easier to ship, meaning that we can transport more detergent on each trip, decreasing our carbon footprint.

Best of all, the EcoBox will contain the same amount of our eco-friendly and effective detergent as our standard bottle.  EcoTwist vegan laundry detergent removes odor-causing bacteria—releasing bad smells from your clothing and fabrics — No matter what kinds of stains or smells are on your clothes, EcoTwist’s Odor Release Technology, and natural stain-fighting ingredients will get them smelling fresh, snuggly soft, and actually clean!

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