Active Laundry Detergent: Free & Clear
Active Laundry Detergent: Free & Clear
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Active Laundry Detergent: Free & Clear

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FREE & CLEAR: Simple & Hypoallergenic
Perfect if you have allergies, sensitive skin, or don’t like fragrances on your clothes. Take a whiff and you will smell nothing but the soap and enzymes we use to clean and disinfect your clothes, which disappear after washing.

Whether you love cycling, yoga, lifting weights, or just being in the great outdoors, the smells and stains we get on our clothes can feel impossible to get out.

That’s because athleisure and activewear are often made of super tight, synthetic fibers, which most detergents can’t fully clean. But EcoTwist can!

Our natural, enzyme-based formula actually penetrates tight fibers, eliminating odor-causing bacteria and stains—without all the harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients you’ll find in other detergents.

Plus, you won’t have to waste time and money using fabric softeners or dryer sheets, because EcoTwist leaves your clothes naturally soft and static-free.

Want to hear the best part? Our formula is comprised of all-natural enzymes and all-natural fragrances, making our laundry detergent eco-friendly and effective. We call that a win-win!


  • Phosphates
  • Nonylphenols Ethoxylates
  • GMOs
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Formaldehyde
  • Gluten
  • Dioxides
  • Optical Brighteners
  • Artificial Scents
  • Dyes
  • SLEs
  • Animal byproducts
  • Animal Testing
  • Odor Encapsulation

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Mia Bencivenga
    Love this detergent!

    This is my favorite brand of detergent, hands down. I use it all the time and it gets my clothes clean and very soft. Love the scents and hypoallergenic options too!

    Tamara Law
    Great clean!

    I use the Active Sport Detergent, with zero scent on my fiancé‘s work clothes and every time they come out of the dryer they are clean and soft. He is so happy with the way his clothes feel, and they don’t have a flowery scent.

    Billie Skurdal
    Works Great

    I was looking for a detergent without all the bad ingredients that are harmful. So I researched and decided I would give EcoTwist Clean a try. I’ve only used it a few times at this point, but I am very satisfied. Thanks

    Satisfied Customer
    Product works as expected.

    Very happy with performance. Fulfilled expectations!

    Marianne G
    Clean workout clothes again!

    Finally clean workout clothes again! I was using HEX and I couldn’t find it anymore in my Food City. It didn’t clean well but did get the smell out mostly. I saw a Facebook post about EcoTwist and tried it. I expected I would have to rewash it with Tide to get it clean but it was CLEAN already and the smell was completely gone!! It makes me feel good to also know it is easy on our watershed in the Smokies and it saves me money to have just one detergent. Goodbye Hex, Goodbye Tide, Hello EcoTwist! You need one for pets and animals. Their blankets stink!