The Quick Guide to Becoming an Eco-Conscious Resident

Many people across the globe are becoming more conscious of the environment. While transportation methods and vehicles are improving, one practical way to reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the planet is by going green at home. Taking reasonable steps as a homeowner not only can make the world a more sustainable place but also help you save big on your energy bills! If you’re not sure where to start on becoming an eco-friendly resident, check out this quick guide:

Searching for an Eco-Friendly Home   

If you are in the market for a new home and want to make a difference in the fight to save the planet, it’s essential to know what features to look for in a property. For instance, a home that promotes renewable energy is a big plus; this includes biomass boilers, heat pumps, and solar panels, all of which help you to generate energy. Along with reducing energy costs, it also means that you are not as reliant on conventional sources powered by fossil fuels. Conserving water is another significant step you can take, so look for features like water-efficient appliances, low-flow shower heads and taps, and rainwater harvesting systems.

If a home you are interested in has smart devices like thermostats and lighting, it can indicate that the previous owners were eco-conscious. And if there is a smart security system, it means more protection for your property and household! Moreover, look for a home with plenty of windows; this will allow for natural light to flow in and ensure that your living environment provides adequate ventilation.

During your home search, it’s important to understand what types of homes are available in your area. Use resources like Redfin to compare purchase prices, layouts, and features. For example, the average sale price of a home in Matthews, NC is currently $415,000. 

Greening Your Current Home

If you have no plans of purchasing a new home, there are plenty of ways you can become eco-conscious where you are:

Insulate Your Space      

One of your primary goals as a homeowner should be to keep the air your HVAC circulates from escaping. For instance, make sure your doors and windows have the proper weatherstripping and look for any gaps around the trim that need to be re-caulked. Also, consider if you need to add insulation to any areas of your home to help hold in the heat and cold air; the walls and roof are the first places to evaluate.

Invest in New Appliances  

As previously mentioned, water-efficient appliances can make a big difference in reducing energy consumption and saving money. When it’s time to get a new refrigerator, dishwasher, or laundry machine, go with an Energy Star-certified appliance. And consider investing in smaller devices like smart thermostats and lighting that give you more control over the energy your home is using.

Embrace Green Cleaning

The products you use for cleaning your home can make a big difference in your contribution to a clean planet, not to mention a healthier household! There are plenty of easy DIY solutions you can make with common household ingredients such as water and vinegar. And the laundry detergent you use is also essential. Look to products like EcoTwist, which provides all the cleaning power you need without any toxic chemicals found in commercial products. 

Invite Nature In

Finally, see how you can bring more nature into your home. Maximize your use of windows; keeping your windows open and the screens down can allow more natural light to flow in during the day. During the colder months, keeping your window treatments down can help to retain your home’s heat. And, of course, adding some beautiful air-purifying houseplants can do wonders for your interior design and air quality.

You can start contributing to a healthier planet by modifying how you live at home. Consider the advice above, and keep looking for other ways you can become more eco-conscious friendly in your day-to-day routine. In no time, you will be making a positive impact on your community and beyond!

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